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PKF is one of the largest and most successful Audit-Accounting-Consultancy brands in the world.

Africa - 48 locations

Afrika - 48 lokacija

Asia 50 locations

Azija - 50 lokacija

Europe - 210 locations

Evropa - 210 lokacija

North America - 90 locations

Severna Amerika - 90 lokacija

South America - 36 locations

Južna Amerika - 36 lokacija
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PKF International Limited

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PKF Serbia / Belgrade

Location: Belgrade / Novi Beograd ; Palmira Toljatija 5/III
We do business with companies throughout Serbia:

Although our offices are in Belgrade, our clients are located throughout Serbia. Modern practice allows the vast majority of work to be done remotely - the necessary documentation can simply be sent electronically (eg Wetransfer) or even physically: by courier, registered mail. All communication can be done electronically (via Zoom, Ms teams, Skype, Viber.)

Online communication:
  • Zoom app
  • Teams app
  • Viber
  • Skype

PKF Serbia

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